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Adopt – A – Highway

Our church has partnered with the Florida DOT in an overall effort to improve the appearance of our state roads. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, the Florida DOT sponsors it and organizations like us sign up for and adopt a mile or two of highway. Through this program we have adopted approximately a mile and a half of State Route 699 (better know to us as Gulf Boulevard / Blind Pass Road). Our portion is between West Gulf Boulevard (Treasure Island) and 76th Avenue (St. Petersburg Beach).

Basically, by adopting this portion of SR 699, we have pledged to go out and pick up trash that has accumulated along this roadway (on a quarterly basis). Unfortunately, we live in a disposable world and, over time, items that never made it to the trash can somehow find their way onto the shoulders of our state’s roads and bridges. In most cases, it’s items like bottles and cans, plastic and metal bottle caps, empty cigarette packs and cigarette butts (especially at the numerous bus stops along our mile and a half).

Our next pick up is scheduled for Saturday, June 25. Many of us will first meet at the church (at 8:30) and then go out and pick up trash. All are welcome to join us!!

Steve Yost