Online Giving

Strengthen Paradise Lutheran Church

The Paradise Lutheran Church is an amazing church in a beautiful setting on the Intracoastal Waterway. We are the only church on Treasure Island. We’re in a healthy financial position at this time because we are blessed with an endowment which allows us to match our revenue needs to the operating expenses of our staff and property. But over time we can’t continue to have an expense cash flow which exceeds our revenue. Additionally, we are an aging membership which requires attention to welcoming all new members with a special emphasis on welcoming younger new members.


Stewardship is often confused with fundraising for a new project or mission and to others it is Pledge Sunday which might be held once a year. Here at Paradise Lutheran Church, stewardship means much more because it is a lifestyle of living with an attitude of grateful giving. Everything we have is a gift from God and he expects us to return a portion of that gift through Time, Talent, and Treasure as each of us may have received. Time spent in grateful application of your work to improve our ministry. Talent that is put to good use in serving others. Treasure is our financial resources that are given generously and joyfully.

Financial Considerations

One of the areas of need relates to our cash flow on a monthly basis. We have found that our historic practice of “passing the plate” is less effective. Therefore, I am asking your help by doing one of several options:

  1. The easiest way to support this need is by setting up regular monthly electronic disbursements from your banking account so that your giving is automatically sent to the church each month. An available option at most banks is Bill Pay, which is normally a free service. Seasonality ceases to be an issue and from the church’s perspective our workload is reduced. You may also consider making a gift through our website:
  2. If you are currently not giving to the church on a regular basis, please consider doing so. Even those of us with best intentions sometimes overlook how important it is to the work of the church for us to be financially disciplined in our commitment. If our giving is tied only to worship attendance, it will become erratic. What each of us give to the church is very personal. Taking a disciplined approach to giving places God and the ministry of our church at the center of your life.
  3. If you are a seasonal participant in the life of Paradise Lutheran Church, please consider following the work of your winter church on our website which makes it possible to tithe through the website on any day you may choose. Also please consider that the first Sunday of each month has been designated “Strengthen the Church” offering. I hope you will make the first Sunday offering a special one.

Planned Giving

Estate Planning: God blesses each of us with varied levels of successful accumulation of wealth. Many parishioners include in their will a gift to the parish or to a specific ministry. Some chose to name Paradise Lutheran Church as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. If you have included the church in your estate planning, please let us know. So that you will have legally included the church in your will, you must use the legal name and address: Paradise Lutheran Church, Inc. 10255 Paradise Blvd. Treasure Island, FL 33706. We welcome the opportunity to acknowledge your generosity while the benefactor is still with us.

One last point that you might consider: If you have a 401K, IRA or similar retirement plan, instead of taking your distribution from the plan and paying income tax on that distribution, consider having the plan contribute directly to the church in your name. You don’t pay income tax on the distribution and you have the tax benefit of that charitable deductible. A double benefit for you.

Thank you for considering my thoughts on this important subject.

Respectfully; Bob Rogers,